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1985.01.042_Ballerina (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The nude female figure stands en pointe; her chest is thrust forward and her head and arms are thrown back. Her hands graze her long hair.

1985.01.05_Bambino su Cuscino (1).jpg
Cast bronze. A chubby infant rests with its back on a pillow. Both of its legs are lifted into the air, above its body. Both of the infant's hands grasp its right foot, bringing its toes near its mouth.

Umlauf titled this work only in Italian, a…

1985.01.023_Beast of Burden (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture is a study for the donkey of Entrance into Jerusalem. Umlauf made the sculpture's armature and shaped plaster over it, which eliminated several bronze casting stages.

FIC2015.01.002_Come Unto Me (3).jpg
This bas-relief depicts Christ in the center, with his arms halfway raised and palms facing outward. He appears to be floating above the ground between two wheat strands, and a halo is above his head. Below him lay two cherubs looking upward at him…

FIC2015.01.001_Crucifixion (1).jpg
Aluminum. This piece features Christ on the cross. His body is emaciated, and his face is turned upward in agony. This is a casting of the scale model for a 10" piece commissioned by Marion Koogler McNay for the Shrine of St. Anthony de Padua…

1985.01.022_Diver (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The standing figure is a young boy bending forward at the waist. His knees are bent at a 45° angle, and his arms are held behind his back. The figure's left foot is slightly lifted, as if he were just about to dive into a body of water.…

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1985.01.032_Entrance into Jerusalem (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The work portrays Jesus riding a the donkey. His right arm is raised and his first two fingers and thumb are extended as a sign of benediction. The sculpture is representative of Jesus making his journey into Jerusalem a week before he…

1985.01.046_Eve (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The standing female figure's arms are raised and her hands overlap over her eyes. Eve's pose is interpreted as shielding her eyes from God's wrath after the fall of man. Her softness and vulnerability was characteristic of Umlauf's work…

1985.01.025_Family (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The piece features a family of three. The father stands in the center; his left arm is behind the mother and his right arm holds the child. The mother stands to the left of the father; her right arm is around the father, and her left arm…

1985.01.051_Figure of Boy (2).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture portrays a young nude boy, modeled after Umlauf's youngest son, Tom. The child stands upright with his hands at his sides and his face tilted towards the sky. His belly protrudes outward.
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