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1985.01.004_Refugees II (1).jpg
Cast bronze. A standing woman, hunched forward, clutches a young child against her chest. Both figures have exaggerated facial features and elongated limbs. The woman looks out into the distance, while the child gazes upward, wide-eyed, at the woman.…

1985.01.039_War Mother (1).jpg
A crouched female figure rests her head in her enlarged hands. She kneels on one knee while her frail child clings to her. The large hands, which denote strength, were typical of Umlauf's work from the 1930s-early 50s. War Mother was Umaluf's…

1985.01.036_Madonna & Child (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The piece features a woman looking downward and holding a child seated in her lap. The child is looking upward at the woman; its arms are raised and its elbows are held at 90° angles. This is an abstract interpretation of the iconic…
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