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1985.01.028_Lovers V (1).jpg
Cast bronze. This piece features a man and woman kissing on top of sheets. The man is leaning into the woman and has his arms wrapped around her and resting on the small of her back. The woman's arms are wrapped loosely around the man and rest right…

1985.01.098_Lovers I (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture depicts a man and a woman embracing and sharing a passionate kiss. Their bodies are closely pressed together, so that there is little space between them. The surface of the sculpture is heavily molded, leaving traces of the…

1985.01.024_The Kiss (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The piece features a man and a woman kissing. The man is standing upright and holding the woman across her back and thighs. The woman's right leg extends outward horizontally, while her left leg is crossed over her right leg. French…
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