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1985.01.008_Pietà (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture depicts the traditional pietà scene of Mary, mother of Jesus, holding her deceased son. Umlauf originally created the sculpture in stoneware in 1958, and cast it in bronze in 1963.

1985.01.032_Entrance into Jerusalem (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The work portrays Jesus riding a the donkey. His right arm is raised and his first two fingers and thumb are extended as a sign of benediction. The sculpture is representative of Jesus making his journey into Jerusalem a week before he…

1985.01.025_Family (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The piece features a family of three. The father stands in the center; his left arm is behind the mother and his right arm holds the child. The mother stands to the left of the father; her right arm is around the father, and her left arm…

1985.01.027_John the Baptist (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The figure is a portrayal of John the Baptist, who appears to be in mid stride. He is dressed in a long robe and animal hide cloak. His left arm is held downward across his midsection, and his right arm is held upward across his chest.…

1985.01.040_ Pietà (7).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture features the Virgin Mary holding Jesus, who is slumped forward, after he was taken down from the cross. Behind them sits Mary Magdalene, her arms raised and her face and eyes turned upward.

The work is a unique…

1985.01.033_Spirit of Flight (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The figure is a winged man with his head tilted towards the sky. His arms and wings are stretched upward. This is a scale model for the 17' tall fountain installation at the Dallas Love Field Airport. In 1959, jurors for the Dallas Love…

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