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2009.01.004_Standing Figure (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The subject is a standing female nude, who looks over her proper left shoulder. Her hands are on her hips, and she stands in contrapposto position with her weight placed on her proper right foot. The woman's cheekbones and and chin are…

1985.01.009_Reclining Nude (5).jpg
Cast bronze. The nude female figure is posed in a reclining position without any support under her torso; Umlauf may have eliminated the model's support to focus solely on her form.

1985.01.051_Figure of Boy (2).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture portrays a young nude boy, modeled after Umlauf's youngest son, Tom. The child stands upright with his hands at his sides and his face tilted towards the sky. His belly protrudes outward.

1985.01.05_Bambino su Cuscino (1).jpg
Cast bronze. A chubby infant rests with its back on a pillow. Both of its legs are lifted into the air, above its body. Both of the infant's hands grasp its right foot, bringing its toes near its mouth.

Umlauf titled this work only in Italian, a…

1985.01.046_Eve (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The standing female figure's arms are raised and her hands overlap over her eyes. Eve's pose is interpreted as shielding her eyes from God's wrath after the fall of man. Her softness and vulnerability was characteristic of Umlauf's work…

1985.01.021_Seated Bather (4).jpg
Cast bronze. The seated female figure is perched on a pedestal. Her knees are bent towards her chest, and her torso is slightly twisted to the right. Like many of Umlauf's human figures, the subject's head is turned upward and she appears to be…

1985.01.049_Reclining Nude (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The figure is a nude woman reclining on her left side. She is leaning back against a textured, oblong pedestal. Her hair is pulled up in a wavy bun, and she looks over her right shoulder into the distance.

Reclining figures and nudes…

1985.01.037_Woman (2).jpg
Indiana limestone. The figure is a woman posing with her head titled sideways and backwards; her arms are held in a cradling position in front of her torso. This is an abstract interpretation of the female form, influenced by Cubist sculpture, and it…

2009.02.001_Seated Bather (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The female figure sits perched on a pedestal, leaning on her hips and right arm. She points to her collar with her left hand and looks up with her chin tilted. Her hair is pulled back into a loose bun.

1985.01.010_Reclining Figure I (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The reclining female figure holds both hands behind her head, revealing deep waves of draped fabric surrounding her body and legs. She has nothing behind her to support her reclining position. The woman's body rests on a platform…
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