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L2013.01.003_Muse III (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The subject is a reclining female figure. She has no support behind her back, and her proper left elbow is held backward, as if it were propped on top of a surface. Her long dress is voluminous, and the folds in the skirt are…

1985.01.020_Poetess (5).jpg
Cast stone. The female figure is posed in a reclining position, looking upward, with her arms at her sides and ankles crossed. She is wearing a long-sleeved, flowing dress, and her hair is pulled back in a low bun.

The sculpture is an homage to…

1985.01.010_Reclining Figure I (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The reclining female figure holds both hands behind her head, revealing deep waves of draped fabric surrounding her body and legs. She has nothing behind her to support her reclining position. The woman's body rests on a platform…

1985.01.049_Reclining Nude (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The figure is a nude woman reclining on her left side. She is leaning back against a textured, oblong pedestal. Her hair is pulled up in a wavy bun, and she looks over her right shoulder into the distance.

Reclining figures and nudes…

1985.01.009_Reclining Nude (5).jpg
Cast bronze. The nude female figure is posed in a reclining position without any support under her torso; Umlauf may have eliminated the model's support to focus solely on her form.
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