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L2013.01.002_Muse II (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The female figure is seated on a block. Her torso is turned to her proper right, while her head is turned left and she looks upward. She wears a long dress with deeps folds in the fabric.

L2013.01.001_Muse I (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The female figure sits on a pedestal. Her proper left hand rests on the left pedestal edge, and her torso and head are twisted towards the left. She rests her proper right hand on her right knee, and her chin is tilted upward. She wears…

1985.01.021_Seated Bather (4).jpg
Cast bronze. The seated female figure is perched on a pedestal. Her knees are bent towards her chest, and her torso is slightly twisted to the right. Like many of Umlauf's human figures, the subject's head is turned upward and she appears to be…

2009.02.001_Seated Bather (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The female figure sits perched on a pedestal, leaning on her hips and right arm. She points to her collar with her left hand and looks up with her chin tilted. Her hair is pulled back into a loose bun.
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