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2009.01.004_Standing Figure (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The subject is a standing female nude, who looks over her proper left shoulder. Her hands are on her hips, and she stands in contrapposto position with her weight placed on her proper right foot. The woman's cheekbones and and chin are…

1985.01.051_Figure of Boy (2).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture portrays a young nude boy, modeled after Umlauf's youngest son, Tom. The child stands upright with his hands at his sides and his face tilted towards the sky. His belly protrudes outward.

1985.01.016_Nun (2).jpg
Cast bronze. The female figure stands with her eyes closed, head slightly bowed, and hands clasped together in prayer. She is dressed in in a habit and wimple, and a rosary is incised into her garment.

1985.01.015_Mother & Child (4).jpg
Cast bronze. The sculpture features a stoic female figure standing and looking upward. She is cradling a child in her arms, who looks up at her. The woman wears a plain, long-sleeved dress. Like many of Umlauf's other refugee-themed works, the mother…

1985.01.001_Mother & Child (1).jpg
Cast bronze. A standing woman holds her infant against her chest, while the infant gazes into the distance. The mother's upward gaze is characteristic of many of Umlauf's sculptures. "Mother & child" was one of Umlauf's favorite subjects, which he…

1985.01.037_Woman (2).jpg
Indiana limestone. The figure is a woman posing with her head titled sideways and backwards; her arms are held in a cradling position in front of her torso. This is an abstract interpretation of the female form, influenced by Cubist sculpture, and it…

1985.01.025_Family (1).jpg
Cast bronze. The piece features a family of three. The father stands in the center; his left arm is behind the mother and his right arm holds the child. The mother stands to the left of the father; her right arm is around the father, and her left arm…
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